AZSunshine Papillons


Welcome to the newly transformed AZSunshine Papillons! Formerly known as AZSunshine K9’s, I am excited to unveil our fresh name and revamped website. Embracing a new look while upholding the exceptional quality you have come to cherish, I invite you to explore our world of AZSunshine Papillons.   A new name and a new look with the same great quality that you have come to know.


Why Choose AZSunshine Papillons

Health Guarantee

At AZSunshine Papillons, your satisfaction and your Papillon’s health are our top priorities. Rest assured that all our breeding adults undergo thorough health testing prior to breeding, following the recommended tests outlined by the Parent club. With our Health Guarantee, you can be confident that your Papillon from us is not only delightful but also in excellent health.

No Puppy Mills

Welcome to AZSunshine Papillons, where quality reigns supreme. As a dedicated small breeder, I focus on curating a select group of breeding females, typically around three. With utmost care, I ensure these females have ample time to recover, allowing for the birth of three to five litters each year. My goal? To bring forth Papillons that surpass even their remarkable parents. Join us on this exciting journey as we strive to nurture exceptional and healthy Papillons, exceeding all expectations.

About Us

In early 2009, I met my husband Jack. I was passionate about Papillons while Jack owned a Long Coat German Shepherd. Despite the contrast in size, our dog combination proved to be successful, and we established ourselves as AZSunshine K9’s. Over 10 years, we dedicated ourselves to breeding both German Shepherds and Papillons.

However, in January 2020, Jack received a devastating diagnosis of Stage 4 lung cancer. Consequently, we had to make difficult decisions regarding our breeding operations. We concluded that downsizing our German Shepherd pack while expanding our Papillon breeding stock would be the best course of action.

Sadly, Jack passed away in January 2023, prompting us to rebrand both our name and website. Presently, I am known as AZSunshine Papillons. I have embraced a new identity and appearance, while maintaining the exceptional quality you have come to expect from me.

Thank you for visiting my site.

Bev Porter