AZSunshine’s Magical Mariposa Merlin

Merlin is one of the sweetest dogs I have bred.  He is one of my stud dogs and produces very nice males and females.

AKC #:  TS42321201
DOB:  May 27, 2019
Place of Birth:  USA
Breeder:  Beverly Porter
Sire:  Brody The Magical Mystery Mariposa
Dam:  AZSunshine’s Dixie Belle

I knew from the moment Merlin came into this world that he possessed something extraordinary. He serves as my trusted guardian, alerting me to the presence of others with an instinct that surpasses any mere doorbell or alarm system. Although, I must admit, during the early hours of the morning, perhaps his attentiveness could use a touch of restraint.

Merlin’s talents emerged when he began participating in Barn Hunt, proving himself to be quite adept. Unfortunately, circumstances prevented us from continuing our pursuits at that time. Nonetheless, there remains a glimmer of hope that one day we may return to this shared passion.