Happy Faces

I have 2 amazing dogs from Bev. She breeds bright, beautiful and intelligent dogs. Temperament was the most important quality for me and when I met her dogs, I wanted all of them! She is a conscientious and selective breeder and, as a result, her dogs are affectionate and balanced. She has a broad wealth of knowledge and is an advocate for the breed. If you are the right person for a Papillon, I highly recommend a pup from Bev!

Karen Summer

Pet Owner

I met Beverly Porter back in 2021! It was one of the best moments of my life, I now have two beautiful Papillon pups because of her.
One of the many things I love about Bev, she is passionate and always striving to better the breed.
She now has a champion stud and two females on their way to becoming champions. Bev has had Papillon’s in her life, since she was a child and has a wealth of knowledge about the breed.
She also loves all her dogs and makes sure they are put in good homes. She will also take back any of her dogs, if there is a problem and the dog is not a good fit in the home.
This is definitely Bev’s purpose in life, to be the best Papillon breeder!!!

Chelsy Brougher

Pet Owner

We got Pepe from Bev in 2021. He is Sable colored with a soft, wavy coat and a beautiful plumed tail. He is extremely intelligent, very protective, loves to please, is very active, sassy, very vocal, and very sweet and affectionate. We could not be more pleased!

Bev was fantastic to work with. She communicated with us on a regular basis, answered questions and sent pictures. She is always available after you get your puppy to answer questions and help you with anything you might need. I believe she truly cares about improving the breed with her program. She has years of experience, takes great care of her dogs and does not over-breed them. If you are looking for a lifetime companion or a show dog, I highly recommend getting in touch with Bev. You won’t be disappointed. We are so thankful to her for bringing this beautiful Papillon into our family.

Susan Ballard

Pet Owner